Terry Richardson Sparks Controversy Again And Tavi Retaliates

Terry Richardson strikes again with a new scandal. The fashion photographer is causing an uproar with a particularly insane shoot just published in art mag The Journal. Taking things to a new level of creepiness, the cover features a naked young girl (as if we had to say it) getting her nipples tweaked. Other pics include a close-up of her vagina with a flower inserted in it and a grinning Richardson smiling at the camera as he poses between her legs. (If you want to see the extremely NSFW images, Google it.) We’re struggling to imagine exactly how Richardson managed to convince this girl to stick a flower inside of her—like, how does that come about organically in a photo shoot? “OK, model, show me sexy, show me angry, now pretend you’re a tiger, you’re a lion, the camera loves you … now, stick this flower in your vag, you’re a garden, you’re the earth … “While we were contemplating the lewdness that is T. Rich’s mind, it also occurred to us that the photographer is only half the issue here, and it’s the magazine as a vehicle that’s also contributing to the problem. Almost reading our minds, little Tavi put in her own two cents about The Journal’s debacle: “But magazines, that’s your s**t and your message you’re giving thousands of people, you work it out!” She also has some good points about the state of nudity in fashion journalism:

“[People say,] ‘That’s what the models should expect. It’s Terry Richardson.’ Really? This is where we are now? That’s normal? That’s acceptable? That’s even encouraged and applauded as these same photos that took intense emotional toll on a person are put into the pages of a magazine? Look, I will never be able to be like ‘Oh, haha, typical pervy Terry! and find it ‘ironic’ or ‘funny’ or ‘cool’ or anything, the way others can.”

Finally! Thank you! Down with irony! It’s enough already. [Style Rookie]