Tampon Commercial Celebrates Tampons, Periods

This U by Kotex commercial for tampons really enlightened me as to the fine art of tampon insertion. I mean, before watching this, I had no idea that putting a tampon in was tantamount to entering a fantastical otherworld where weirdo music throbs as you wander about this “Avatar”-esque landscape fondling digital fronds like a fabulous fairy. “Only you can take me there,” the soothing voice-over lady reminds us, because, yes, after all, only you, a tampon, can take me there, to that special inserted-tampon place. These aren’t just any tampons, after all, they are “a touch of luxury when you need it most.” And I know that when I’m on my period, I need the Rolls Royce of menstrual blood stoppers. [Copyranter]