Sitting In A Salt Den Is The Latest Beauty Craze

Most Americans need to cut down on their sodium intake. But some are upping it voluntarily for a different type of nourishment. The Wall Street Journal reports that there’s a growing trend across the U.S.: “salt rooms.” Most of these spa-type places pump finely ground particles into the air to breath in, and “sometimes called halotherapy chambers, the rooms are designed to provide a relaxing and unusual experience. The walls and ceilings are salt-coated, and grains are often scattered a few inches deep on the floor. Children are often allowed to play in it, as in a sandbox.” Uh, weird.The supposed benefits (besides getting some R&R without having to put your kid in daycare for an afternoon) include claims that breathing in salt can help respiratory problems and exposing your skin to it can help psoriasis and eczema. Intrigue you? Or leave a salty taste in your mouth? If you’ve tried halotherapy, let us know what it’s like in the comments below! [WSJ]