Quickies: Barbed Tampon Prevents Rape & Lindsay Lohan Seeks A Miracle-Working Manager

  • A barbed tampon-like device is meant to prevent rape by causing “great discomfort” when an attacker tries to penetrate a victim. [TrèsSugar]
  • This video slideshow pays homage to the love scenes of “Lost.” [BuzzSugar]
  • Wow, this woman really hates Carrie Bradshaw. [The Gloss]

  • Lindsay Lohan has reportedly approached mega-manager Larry Rudolph to resurrect her career like he did for Britney Spears. [TMZ]
  • Newsflash: The “I Have Going Down Syndrome” T-shirt will not get you laid. [Manofest]
  • It’s time to start revving those engines. Here’s how to have a summer fling. [Lemondrop]