Gross: Japanese Portable Ashtray For Women

If you smoke, you already have to deal with smelling like an ashtray, so we’re not sure why anyone would actually want to carry around one—in their purse no less! Apparently in Japan, “mobile ashtrays are now fashion items.” For women who want to be “responsible smokers” (whatever that means), this girly metallic pouch attaches to your purse so you can tote your aromatic ashes with you. The product description is equally unbelievable:

“While it can also double as a card holder, this portable ashtray lets you put out your cigarettes right inside due to the heat resistant liner. No butts, no smoke, no smell. They’re good for the environment and help you create a positive image for smoking instead of just tossing the butts on the ground.”

We feel a smoker’s cough coming on right now to ironically express our sentiments. [Japan Trend Shop]