What Happened To LPGA Golfer Erica Blasberg?

LPGA golfer Erica Blaberg was found dead in her home in Henderson, Nevada on Sunday afternoon, the day she was supposed to leave for a tournament in Alabama. While no cause of death has been determined, her parents don’t think the 25-year-old would ever take her own life and the police have not said whether they suspect foul play, but she was known to be in good health. Blasberg, a former All-American, joined professional golf in 2004 and was on her sixth tour with the LPGA. Her agent, Chase Callahan, said of her untimely death, “This is someone whose career was as important to her as her family. She was 25. She hadn’t reached her peak yet.” She’ll be laid to rest in Corona, CA on May 19. [CBS News]