Stars Who’ve Auctioned Off Dates With Themselves For Charity

Since celebrities are so into “giving back,” they often participate in charity auctions. And what better to auction off than … time with them. Above, check out some of the celebrities who have auctioned off dates with themselves for good causes in the past two years. Kind of shocking that Simon Doonan brought in significantly more smackers than Hugh Jackman, no? Though Scarlett Johansson is totally worth $40K in our opinion. After the jump, a breakdown of what exactly each star sold and what their high bidder shelled out in the end.

  • Over the weekend, Janice Dickinson offered up a lunch date, makeover, and photo shoot for one lucky soul at a Juvenile Diabetes Foundation event. The top bidder paid $20,0000. Janice was thrilled. She said, “Whoever they are, they’re going to get a lot more for their money than they paid!” [NY Post]
  • Also this week, Hugh Jackman participated in an auction for green charities like the Natural Resources Defense Council. He expected auction-goers to pay up to $20K for the chance to spend a day with him on the set of “Real Steel,” which is being filmed in Michigan. But the high bidder only offered $8,000. Maybe the date would’ve been worth more in New York? [AlertNet]
  • When “He’s Just Not That Into You” came out last year, Scarlett Johansson offered up two VIP tickets to the premiere and a chance to hang out with her to benefit Oxfam. The winning bidder pledged $40,000! []
  • Sigourney Weaver also auctioned herself for green charities this week, offering a dinner and private screening of “Avatar.” But, sigh, this prize package only brought in $5,000. [AlertNet]
  • At the same auction, however, Barneys’ creative director Simon Doonan earned a boatload of cash—$60,000—auctioning off a private preview of Barneys stores windows to come, a chance to hang out with him, and a $5,000 Barneys gift certificate. Oookay. [AlertNet]
  • Anne Hathaway auctioned off a date for the Trevor Project, a crisis hotline for LGBT youth. “I’m blushing,” she said when the $12,000 final bid came in. “Wow, I feel really good right now.” [Celebrity Gossip]