Martin Margiela Box Clutch Just About The Least Practical Accessory Out There

I have to admit I have some beef with clutches. Seriously, how many do you own, and how often do you use them? They’re oh-so-pretty in principle, but can really only come into play for fancy events where you’ll have a place to safely stash your clutch for the evening. Otherwise, sucks to be you, balancing a glass of champagne in one hand, squeezing your purse inside your armpit, all while trying to shake with a new acquaintance. Maison Martin Margiela’s new Box Clutch isn’t doing much to convince us to tote the free-form accessory more often. Can you imagine trying to manage this super long hard case throughout a night?

I say: Go for a clutch with an optional chain detail that you can stuff into the purse body or take out to sling over your shoulder when you get fed up (five whole minutes later). [StyleFrizz]