6 (More) Absurd Gender Stereotypes That We Offer Up For Science

Can we stop making jokes already about women being bad drivers and even worse drinkers? No, I guess we can’t. Apparently there’s a reason why the most generic gender stereotypes won’t just go away and die … they’re, uh, scientifically proven. I felt like I was watching a bad series of beer and detergent commercials as I browsed through this list of “6 Absurd Gender Stereotypes (That Science Says Are True).” OK, so we can’t hold our liquor as well as dudes because we have higher fat ratios and smaller livers. And the driving thing? Apparently, testosterone levels determine your navigational skills. Sadly, women and gay men’s spatial prowess pales in comparison to heterosexual men. If it’s any consolation, though, men are bigger slobs because they lack our olfactory skills and they don’t see colors as well as we do. Ha ha! [Cracked]

After the jump, six more absurd gender stereotypes that we’re sure can be scientifically proven.

  1. Men spend way longer on the pot. Geez, I wish I didn’t know this was true, but it is. I’m thinking it’s because they scientifically need more alone time to look at nudie mags.
  2. Women pack way, way more when traveling. It’s because our brain urges us to be prepared for anything. Meaning we need shoes to go with every outfit.
  3. Men don’t ask for directions. This may be connected to the fact that men are scientifically proven to be better navigators, but more likely it’s because they get an endorphin rush from annoying us when we’re lost.
  4. Women prefer body wash while men prefer bar soap. This must have to do with instinctual attraction to phallic shapes.
  5. Men are bigger babies when they’re sick. Even though men supposedly have fewer pain receptors than women, they must hurt more when they get activated. Why else would they be such awful sick people?
  6. Women are worse at technology. Is there a guy out there who can help me fix my computer, external hard drive, DVD player, and digital watch? I can’t figure it out. Your brain seems to recognize number code better or something.