Today’s Lady News: Betty White Celebrates Her “SNL” Triumph & Danny Dyer Gets Fired

  • After hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, Betty White went out and partied with the cast until 3 a.m. She cannot possibly get any cooler. Can she? [Life & Style]
  • A quote in this article about feminism — called “Are You A Faminist?” — refers to the birth control pill and abortion as “selfish and self-advancing,” while the article says that modern women are more about “the fam” then “the fem,” as if the two are mutually exclusive and OMG STFU, this article is stupid. [NY Observer]
  • Much to the disappointment of women’s groups, Michigan Democrat Connie Saltonstall ended her campaign to replace retiring Representative Bart Stupak after her party rallied around another candidate, Gary McDowell, who shares Stupak’s antiabortion stance. [Washington Post]

  • So, a few weeks ago Newsweek ran an article by Ramin Setoodeh which argued that gay actors cannot convincingly play straight characters. Now, actress Kristen Chenoweth has responded to this utterly homophobic screed with a rant of her own in Movieline. Not all surprisingly, her argument is far more sensical and, uh, correct. [Movieline]
  • Katy Perry tops Maxim’s list of the Hot 100 women, but Alison Brie, who plays Roger Sterling’s wife Jane Pete Campbell’s wife Trudy on “Mad Men,” is also on the list. She tweeted the following when she found out: “I just found out I’ll be included in Maxim’s Hot 100 List…at #99. Umm…thanks?” Ha, our thoughts exactly, Alison. [Twitter]
  • TMZ showed its interest in politics today, by doing a side-by-side comparison of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan and “King of Queens” star Kevin James. Ick. [Jezebel]
  • Courtney Love spent her Mother’s Day tweeting a whole mess of stuff intended for estranged daughter Frances Bean’s eyes. The whole thing is sad and we really wish Courtney would get it together and these two would make up. [Jezebel]
  • A male scientist says that men are biologically smarter than women. Mind you, he’s an idiot. [Daily Mail]
  • Last week we told you about Danny Dyer’s advice column in Zoo magazine in which he advised a reader to cut his ex’s face. Well, Zoo has dumped the columnist and says there’s an ongoing internal inquiry. Now, I’m not excusing Dyer at all, but his advice did make it into the magazine, meaning other editors gave it a pass. Are they getting axed too? [Guardian UK]
  • Among the best paying jobs for women, according to pharmacist, registered nurse, human resources manager, and speech-language pathologists. Not-so-shockingly, “blogger” wasn’t on the list. Oh, well. [CNN]
  • A group of conservative activists in Burlington County in New Jersey have successfully campaigned to have Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology and two other books dealing with teenage homosexuality removed from a local high school, calling the books obscene. Civil rights groups argue that Gerry Grabinski and his fellow activists are focusing on books related only to gay, lesbian and transgender issues, while an attorney with the American Library Association, said, “You can’t remove books from a school library just because you disagree with their content. They have to be proven persuasively vulgar, and what persuasively vulgar means is a judgment call.” []
  • Researchers at Oxford University have identified five common genetic variants that are linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, bringing the total of “genetic clues” to 18. If a woman knows she has one of these “spots,” it could lead to targeted screening, a key in early detection and treatment for breast cancer. [NY Daily News]


  • Qatar will form its first women’s football league, as part of their bid to host the 2022 World Cup. [USA Today]
  • This op-ed in the U.K.’s Guardian says that Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai is failing the women of his country. [Guardian UK]