Shocker! Andy Rooney Doesn’t Understand Lady Gaga

Dear God, why hasn’t CBS forced Andy Rooney to retire? My favorite — and by favorite, I mean least favorite, but in a painfully amusing way — segment on “60 Minutes” is when Andy Rooney is given the floor to cantankerously complain about the things that irritate him. Whether it’s the stupid mail and presents sent to him by fans (seriously, he complains about free gifts), spam, or some turn-of-phrase that Andy finds particularly annoying, Rooney is always pissed off about something. The thorn in his side this weekend? Popular music! Specifically, why he hasn’t heard of all the musical artists that are currently on the Billboard charts! Why has he, a normal, average American, never heard of this Justin Bieber, or that Lady Gaga, or some fella named Usher? I don’t really get Rooney’s point other than he’s out of touch because he’s incredibly old, but this segment was all sorts of hand-meet-forehead. Can he go back to complaining about Facebook now?