Q&A: Molly Ringwald On Confidence, Beauty, And Blane Vs. Duckie

Back in the ’80s, Molly Ringwald inspired us all to sew our own prom dresses and to lust after the hot senior, even though he had a girlfriend and we’d barely spoken. Um, thanks? Luckily, Molly has some much better life advice to share in her new book, Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family, and Finding the Perfect Lipstick. Molly recently turned 40 and is now a mother of three, and in the book she shares lots of hilarious personal anecdotes. After the jump, The Frisky sits down with Molly and finds out her thoughts on crossing the 40-line, why being a redhead is awesome, and why she still would choose Blane over Duckie. What inspired you to write this book?

I found myself on the precipice of turning 40 and had an “Oh my God! It’s not possible! Everyone else can turn forty, not me!!” moment. I realized at the same time that there were no books that were fun and inspirational about being an “It Woman” rather than an “It Girl.” Someone had to write it, so I figured, why not me?

What are the three biggest lessons about being a woman that you want to pass on to your daughters?

Your brain is the prettiest part of you. You must have confidence in yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will. And you can do anything a man can do—and in heels!

How did being a teen icon in movies affect the way you saw/see yourself in real life?

I have never had any trouble separating myself from the character that I play.

We obviously live in a very youth-centric society. How have you embraced getting older? Has it been hard, considering that the images of you as a teenager are so strong in the public mind?

I think that I embrace being the best woman that I can be at any age. My 40s have been exceptional for me thus far, and I hope to continue the trend.

What is your definition of beauty?

I think beauty really comes from something within—a confidence, sense of humor, willingness to laugh at things, especially oneself. I have always been attracted to people who are not conventionally beautiful, but who have such an incredible life force that you can’t stop looking at them. This is something that can be found in women at any age.

Can redheads wear pink, and how do you find a good lipstick shade?

Yes—redheads can wear just about anything. If it feels good on you, chances are it looks good on you as well. As for lipstick, I tend toward the lip stains and balms. If I’m going for red, I generally stick to the orange-ier shades, rather than the blue/reds. But there are exceptions to every rule.

Which one of your teen years movies are you the proudest of now?

I love all of them. Really!

If you had to pick between Duckie and Blane from “Pretty in Pink” now, which one would you choose?

Blane. Duckie is a friend. But chances are, he will probably be in her life a lot longer than Blane!