If You’ve Got One “Friend With Benefits,” You Probably Have Two

Another day, another wasteful scientific study about “hooking up.” According to a new University of Iowa study on ““The Contexts of Sexual Involvement and Concurrent Sexual Partnerships,” people who are engaged in a “friends with benefits” relationship are more likely to have sex with other people outside that relationship. In other words, a bunch of researchers got together and determined that if you’re having casual but regular sex with a friend, you’re more likely to also be having casual sex with other people at the same time.This is obviously not news, but how adorable that these researchers think it is! While this bit of info is hardly revelatory, it does bring up an interesting question worth discussing — if you’re in a “friends with benefits” relationship, what is your personal policy on sleeping with other people too? Do you have to tell the FWB? Obviously, if there’s a chance that you or the FWB has or could have multiple partners you should be using protection, but what are the other rules of etiquette that you adhere to? Share in the comments!