Hot, Young Aussies Auction Off Their Virginity For A Documentary

We’ve heard of people auctioning off their virginity before — it’s so last year. But Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely has taken it to a whole new level. He’s rounded up a whole group of virgins willing to sell their virginity for a documentary. Each virgin will get paid $20,000 plus 90 percent of their purchase price, which could go as high as to the millions. Because authorities threatened to charge Sisely with prostitution if he went ahead with the plan in Australia, he’s made a deal with a Nevada brothel to host the auction, which will be filmed naturally. (The brothel will get the other 10 percent of each virgin’s sale price.) The virgins in this project have different motivations for signing on. Obviously, many of them are in it for the money. Others are doing it for excitement. “I’ll look back and laugh about it ’cause it’s just something crazy,” said a woman named Veronica. Another virgin, John, is willing to lose his virginity to either a man or woman and says, “Money is a good incentive but I’m really more excited about the journey I’m about to go on.” Click here to hear from more of the virgins in the film, like adorable Ronan above. [News.Com.Au]

What do you think? Is this a fascinating doc in the making? Or is Sisely scraping the bottom of the barrel?