Bethenny Frankel And Jill Zarin: Round Five

I loved the first two seasons of “The Real Housewives of New York City.” While the ladies’ beefs in seasons past were petty, this year’s feuds are more, “Really—you have more than three words to say about this microscopic thing?” The most disappointing part for me is Bethenny and Jill. In the past two seasons, they were best of friends and my two favorite characters on the show because they were at least 10 degrees less crazy than the rest of the women. But this season, they’re in a huge fight. Jill is furious Bethenny checked out on their friendship over the summer, while Bobby was sick, and left her a message telling her to, “Get a hobby.” Meanwhile, Bethenny is convinced that Jill is just jealous that she now has a great new husband. If they’d sit down for 15 minutes, they could both apologize and resolve the whole thing. Instead, they’re avoiding each other, creating a ton of tension, and showing outrageous levels of self-absorption in the process.

But their feud reached a fever pitch this weekend, when Bethenny had her baby.On Saturday morning, she gave birth to a baby girl, who she and hubby Jason named Bryn. “I can’t express how happy I am & how beautiful, supportive & thoughtful u all are,” she tweeted later in the day. “Bryn is a tiny beautiful peanut.”

Only, Jill made a boo-boo with Bethenny on Friday. When Bethenny was still in labor, Jill tweeted, “Heard Bethenny had a baby boy … so happy for her and son.” Oopsie.

According to the New York Daily News, people were jumping down Jill’s throat over the mistake. “Hundreds and hundreds of people were attacking Jill for announcing the birth of Bethenny’s baby before she did,” a source said. “They were calling her a ‘loudmouth,’ and saying B was right—she did need to get a hobby!”

Jill has since apologized. “Yesterday [my daughter] read a tweet and blog that Bethenny gave birth,” she posted. “We were excited and congratulated her obviously prematurely. I should have waited until B announced it herself. Sorry.”

So hopefully, this mis-Tweet won’t generate hours worth of onscreen fights. I really just can’t take anymore.

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