15 Things That Suck More Than Going To The Gynecologist

This week marks National Women’s Health Week here in the U.S., which conveniently comes just in time for my annual pelvic exam. If, like me, you’ve been putting off making an appointment to see your gynecologist (I’m long overdue to see my dentist, too, shh!), I thought I’d run a follow-up list to this post I wrote last year to motivate us all to make our health top priority. After the jump, 15 (more) things that suck more than going to the gynecologist.

  1. Breaking in new shoes.
  2. A hangover in your 30s. (Seriously, what is the deal? Why are they so much worse than they were ten years ago?)
  3. Flying coach.
  4. Crying in public.
  5. Saying something stupid in the heat of the moment you can’t take back.
  6. Trying on a cute top at Target only to realize it’s maternity wear.
  7. Mouse in your house.
  8. Noticing a typo on the resume you’ve sent to 300 people.
  9. Getting dumped by text.
  10. Anything that comes after the words: “I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but…”
  11. Having sex with a new guy for the first time and it’s bad. Like, bad-bad.
  12. Puking on the subway.
  13. Getting friended by your boss on Facebook.
  14. Jury duty.
  15. Bed bugs.

All things considered, spreading your legs for the doc isn’t so bad! And thanks in large part to pap test screening, “the cervical cancer death rate declined [in the US] by 74% between 1955 and 1992. This screening procedure can find changes in the cervix before cancer develops. It can also find early cervical cancer in its most curable stage.” Even if you’re a virgin, a pelvic exam can detect abnormalities like uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine prolapse, as well as yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. So get ye to the gyno! [via Cancer.org, MayoClinic.com]