Questions For Our Mothers: Simcha’s Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re interviewing our moms to find out how their lives changed when we were born and what they learned about love and life as a parent. Today, Simcha’s mom.

My parents met through the family yentas. My great-aunt Molla and my great-grandma Rose were in the same women’s group, Hadassah, and they got to talking. The next thing my dad knew, he was required to call up this nice new friend’s hot, young granddaughter and take her out on a date. Sick of Molla constantly fixing him up, he told her this was the last date suggestion he’d ever take from her. And he was right.

Over a decade later, they made my brother and me. Although I was the much cuter baby, obviously, I was also a handful … not that my mom would ever admit it. She’s a lady, the kind who wears pantyhose, even during the hot Florida summer, and ’80s power suits with big sunglasses. She left some pretty high heels to fill.

Secure in the forms of birth control I use, I asked my mom a little bit about what’s it’s like to be a mother.
Motherhood looks hard from what I’ve seen on TV. What are three things every mother needs to survive?

A good mother or role model, love, and support.

David (my brother) is getting married at the end of this month. But what was your proudest day, as a mom, so far?

Giving birth.

Touché. Although I wish I never found those pictures Dad took. Anyway, what do you think is the most important thing a mother can do for her kid?

Love them unconditionally. Listen to them. And be non-judgmental.

Guess I’ve really tested the non-judgmental part now that my job is writing about penises and celebrity camel toe…. Speaking of which, what did you think I was going to grow up and do for a living, since there were no such things as blogs when I was born?

I thought you were going to be a terrific trial attorney.

Sheesh, I was a tough kid. OK, so, we’re not the same shoe or dress size. WTF. Without the double closet option, what’s the best part about having a daughter?

The potential to develop the most deep and meaningful relationship.

Booyah! Suck it, David! Mom loves me more. Uh, I mean, next question. If you could raise baby Simcha all over again, would you do anything differently?


Well, despite how many times I begged you to have another baby, why did you cut it off at me?

I had a boy and a girl; it was just perfect.

After I shattered not just one, but two Tinkerbell nail polishes and ruined the tile floor, why did you keep buying me nail polish?

Why not? You love nail polish. Accidents happen.

And I am still, to this day, obsessed with nail art! You always wanted me to be independent and have a career, just like you. Why do you think it’s so important for moms to work?

You have to be an equal partner in a relationship or at least able to stand on one’s own (financially) if the need arises. Plus, it can be interesting, confidence-building and fun.

Um, what do you want for Mother’s Day?

In lieu of hugs and kisses, a phone call and/or a card.

You’re the best, Ma!