Moms Reveal Their Most Memorable Mother’s Day Gifts

It can be hard to know what Mom really wants for Mother’s Day. So we asked a bunch to tell us the best gift they ever received on the holiday, to help you with any last-minute shopping you might be doing for Sunday. For the most part, moms just want you to do or say something nice. Don’t worry about dropping half your paycheck on a present; she’d prefer a thoughtful card.

“My best Mother’s Day gift was a day off! My husband took the kids all day, and I went to yoga, got a latte, ate a salad for lunch, did some gardening, and took a nap. Then, he brought dinner home so I didn’t have to cook.” — Suzy, Baltimore

“The best Mother’s Day present I’ve ever received were flowers sent to me at work. The card was signed from my son, who was very young at the time. I was divorced, so I didn’t know who had sent the flowers (my son was too young to do it on his own), but I found out later it was a guy at work, whom I later started dating.” — Vicki, Philadelphia

“The best Mother’s Day gift ever was when my daughters spent almost all day cleaning and waxing my car for me!” — Cathy, Templeton, MA

“The best gift I’ve ever received for Mother’s Day was when my kids and husband made the whole day about me with ‘mom tickets’ that I could use after Mother’s Day for things like washing dishes and babysitting.” — Lisa, Austin, TX

“The best Mother’s Day gift was a card from my son that said he loved me because I pay the cable bill so he can watch TV. I thought it was cute.” — Jennifer, Titusville, FL

“The best Mother’s Day gift was a new wedding ring from my husband. He couldn’t afford a nice one when we got married, so it was a wonderful surprise.” — Janet, Indianapolis

“I have to admit the best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever received was a ring with each one of my children’s birthstones. It’s a beautiful reminder of the rainbow of personalities of each of my children. With four kids, it is also a helpful reminder of when each child was born!” — Lisa, Houston

“My hubby brought home a bouquet of flowers with the note, ‘For the best gift a woman can give. Thanks for my two sweet princesses.’ He definitely cruised through that year with flying colors.” — Reena, Hockessin, DE

“The best Mother’s Day gift I ever got was from my son. I had said that I didn’t want anything, and I told my husband to save the money for when I actually needed or wanted something. He didn’t want me to go without a gift, so he took my son to Walgreen’s to get a card and something little. My son picked a Hershey’s king-size chocolate bar, because I love chocolate and it was on sale for 99 cents. It was absolutely perfect!” — Kay, Rochester, NY

“About three years ago I was trying to attract birds to our front yard, but the squirrels were robbing the bird feeders all the time. My husband collaborated with our daughters to get me two feeders for Mother’s Day. One was a corn cob feeder and the other was a homemade from a glass jar, and both feeders were just for the squirrels.” — Sandy, Two Harbors, MN

“The best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever received was a Louis Vuitton wallet. I didn’t think my husband was even capable of finding their store, but he found a beautiful wallet that matched my purse.” — Nancy, Livingston, NJ