Highlights From Grazia’s Twitter Account

Grazia, a weekly U.K. fashion glossy that serves up style in a juicy tabloid-like manner, has a Twitter account (like most publications these days). We follow it to keep up on news and especially to enjoy their 140-character office updates and commentary (“Lucy the human swing-o-meter…has just announced on election day she will be wearing red, yellow and blue into the office.*fash girls reel*”). However, we’ve noticed some bizarre Tweets here and there that are either completely unrelated to style or just don’t make sense. Please see: “Aghgggh!! Cabbie is proper BNP nutter! Let me out!!” Could it be we just don’t understand Brit-speak? Or are we missing some part of the conversation? After the jump, some of the slightly schizo Tweets … [@Grazia_Live]

  • That’s it. Gonna start smoking again. Inside & everything..
  • Hurtling home in cab…oh no he’s started a conversation abt the election!!
  • Aghgggh!! Cabbie is proper BNP nutter! Let me out!!
  • VH – am going to buy you a big wooden spoon! FYI was having my big toes repaired as feet look like they’ve been in a blender…
  • I need a lie down..
  • Just left pizza east whr waiter learnt valuable lesson. Never give a salt pot to a two year old. Evs. Vh
  • Dimbers just called the voting chaos a ‘rum job’. Agree. *cracks open cockspur*