And The Prize Goes To … How To Make Jeans And A T-Shirt Fab

Last week, we asked for your best advice for taking jeans and a T-shirt from casual to fab in exchange for Rachel Roy’s Streamers & Spring Garden. Mad props to all who entered because you all definitely know how to express your personal style. But there could be only one winner. We think Venuswingsloved had the best advice for getting your look and attitude right:

“Put on some sexy underwear, maybe even a lace tank top poking out from underneath the shirt, sky high heels, and some sexy booty music that they play in the clubs. Dance around for a little bit, while applying false lashes. Big earrings never failed to make any girl look glamorous, and spray on some of your sultriest perfume. I personally am a fan of euphoria blossom or l’homme YSL (it’s musky with notes of freshness, it’s pretty sexually ambiguous, and smells like pure sex on a girl.) Keep that music playing in your head, strut outside and use your smile like a weapon.”

Thanks for all your comments, and don’t forget to enter this week’s contest, signed copies of Emily Giffin’s new book, Heart of the Matter!