A Vegan Strip Club?

I am a recovered vegan. I gave up all animal by-products for four years in high school, so while I’ve since been converted back to the way of cheese, I do empathize with people who are disciplined enough to keep with it. Case in point, Johnny Diablo, who’s been a vegan for 23 years and opened a vegan restaurant in Portland, Oregon, called Casa Diablo. And, uh, it’s a strip club with a “From Dusk Til Dawn” theme. “Please do not wear fur, feathers, silk, wool, or leather on stage. Thank you, the Animals,” reads a sign in the dressing room.
So why the strange combo? “My goal is to convert as many flesh eaters to vegetarian as possible,” says Johnny. “We’re in an industrial area with a lot of blue collar workers and they come in for a burger and fries and love it. But they find out it’s a vegetarian and they say, ‘I can’t eat here anymore.’ So last resort—put some pretty girls on the stage, get these guys in here and put our food in their belly instead of steak.” [Planet Green]