7 Careers Kick-Started, Or At Least Extended, By A Sex Tape

sextapekendra050710 jpg
Over the past few years, Kendra Wilkinson has booty-shaked and boob-flashed her way into the public consciousness. Between “The Girls Next Door” and “Kendra,” the bouncy blonde became a staple of reality TV and tabloids. But the most recent Kendra gossip is a goldmine. Apparently, she shot a bunch of sex tapes before her marriage. The fact that dirty videos of Kendra exist isn’t too surprising—her job description used to be “prance around half naked and appear involved with Hugh Hefner.” But, according to Radar Online, Kendra was planning on releasing the tapes back in 2008, and even set up a company called “Home Run” to market the videos. Kendra says she never planned to sell the tapes to the public, but Radar continues to dig up more evidence to the contrary. [Radar Online]

Could Kendra have shot the videos in hopes of boosting herself from reality TV star to household name? She would not be the first to benefit from a released sex tape. After the jump, some careers that got a boost when sex tapes were leaked.

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