20 Cheap (Or Free!) Things That Make Me Happy

Wow, I don’t know about you all, but this current mercury retrograde has been kicking my butt! There was that whole week of jury duty and then needing a couple days to get back in the swing of things here at work (and boy, some of you really let me know I wasn’t on my game!). And then I’ve been super busy and stressed out in my personal life (including apartment-buying drama … ooh, don’t even get me started!). So, I’m really glad things are supposed to get back to normal in a few days, astrologically speaking, and I’m super happy today is Friday! You know, honestly, it isn’t charming apartments with their beautiful exposed brick walls and breath-taking kitchens that make life good — especially when said apartments are out of your price range and go to another seller with a better offer. No, it really is the little things — the cheap and free things! — that make life worth living. So, in honor of Friday — one of the best free things in the world — here are 20 other inexpensive small thrills worth celebrating.

  1. Listening to cicadas on a warm summer night.
  2. Email (well, the good kind).
  3. Sleeping in on Saturday morning.
  4. Lilacs in May.
  5. Sleeping on crisp, clean sheets.
  6. Cool, hand-me-down jewelry.
  7. YouTube.
  8. The smell of freshly mowed grass.
  9. Body lotion that smells like sugary baked goods.
  10. Happy hour specials.
  11. Biking down a tree-lined hill.
  12. Liquid eyeliner.
  13. Brownies (special ones or otherwise).
  14. Getting a package in the mail.
  15. Mixed CDs from friends.
  16. Reality TV reunion specials.
  17. Travel guides for places I plan to visit.
  18. The pop of a champagne bottle.
  19. That moment the waiter brings out the food.
  20. The cool side of the pillow.