10 Men Who Married (Or At Least Stayed With) Their Mistresses

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I don’t usually trust The National Enquirer, but there is one subject on which they have a pretty much flawless track record—John Edwards‘ affair with Rielle Hunter. The latest news from the tab is that Rielle wants to have another baby with Edwards. And she also thinks they will get married A) when his divorce from Elizabeth is finalized, and B) when her astrological chart shows a fruitful date. [National Enquirer]

Sigh. Let’s hope this isn’t true. While it’s easy to think of famous men who’ve carried on affairs, it’s much harder to come up with ones who stayed with the other woman after the scandal dust settled. But could there be a wedding in John and Rielle’s future? It’s always possible. After the jump, 10 men who married, or at least stayed with, their mistresses.

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