What Was Your First Kiss Like? Let’s Ask Twitter!

My first kiss was in 9th grade with a girl I had a crush on named Connie, during a game of spin the bottle. She had a squeezable body and big juicy lips. I was smitten! Alas, I never got the cojones to do anything else with Connie, so I guess my “real” first kiss was with my first-ever boyfriend, Mark, later that year. He kissed my on the balcony outside my best friend’s bedroom and (duh) I wrote all about it in my diary that night. Why am I thinking ’bout kissing? #MyFirstKiss is a trending topic on Twitter.

As usual, it’s hilarious, by which I mean everyone else has been getting it on during nap time in preschool.

  • … was with a chubby gay guy.
  • … like six of our friends were watching.
  • … was under the covers in daycare.
  • … can’t remember so it must have sucked.
  • … was AWKWARD as F**K!!!!!!
  • … was received after i grabbed my first pair of boobs.
  • … made my heart drop. And she had on warm vanilla lotion and I’ve been wearing it ever since I was 16
  • … was very “Titanic,” apart from the sinking. It was on a boat with a classmate. He was cute.
  • … didn’t happen til I was 18 because I was so shy around guys.
  • … think I was about 11-12 with my girlfriend in a movie theater watching “James & The Giant Peach.”
  • … is a memory I’d rather forget!
  • … was when I was 9. At that time I thought kissing was the same as sex. I was afraid cuz I thought she was pregnant. LOL
  • … nap time in kindergarten.
  • … tasted like he ate chicken & shrimp before he kissed me
  • … was when I was in the 4th.
  • … was with my Edward Cullen poster, it was very enjoyable!
  • … was in middle school in the computer lab when we played Oregon Trail.
  • … was in kindergarten. Girl ran right up to me and caught me quick on the lips.
  • … was an embarrassment. my braces was not makin s**t look cute at all.
  • … was really awkward…in the movie theater watching “The Incredibles.”
  • … made me realize I was a natural.

What was your first kiss like? Tell us all the dirty deets in the comments.