The “Lost” Finale Gets Super-Sized

Last night, while DVRing Tuesday night’s episode of “Lost,” I had a terrifying realization. There are only three more episodes left. Which is disconcerting because everything that’s happening on the show is generating new questions rather than answering old ones. Apparently, the show’s creators feel the same way. They just couldn’t cram every piece into an hour-long episode, so they decided to super-size it and make the finale a whopping two and a half hours long. As they finished post-production, both Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof tweeted, “We’re done. Amen.” [Hollywood Reporter]

Yes, I am already planning my viewing party for May 23rd. And it will involve special Dharma Initiative and Smoke Monster-themed beverages. And I will also be picking up tomorrow’s Entertainment Weekly, which is dedicated to the “End of ‘Lost.'” Apparently, Doc Jensen got to be on set for the filming of the final episode. Lucky duck. [EW]

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