The 5 Types Of Guys You Really Shouldn’t Date

Ever wonder why you date men that seem perfect—only to find out they’re completely wrong for you? If you keep falling for that sexy man in a suit (your boss) or the one you were crazy to let get away (your ex), perhaps your feelings aren’t for the individuals at all—you’re hooked on the setting. Love is all about right place, right time. Or when it comes to the following men, wrong place, wrong time. “We often confuse love with danger and infatuation,” explains Sherry Amatenstein, relationship expert and author of The Complete Marriage Counselor. “When we set ourselves up for situations that are certain to fail we can say, ‘Whoops, another relationship didn’t work out’ and not blame ourselves.” In actuality, however, this failure was a result of our poor choices.

The next time you find yourself Facebook-stalking any of the following, Amatenstein advises that you ask yourself if you’re really just hot for someone completely unattainable. Because unrequited love is the last thing any of us needs. Read more

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