Nashville Flooding Gives Country Stars Something Really Sad To Sing About

Because the earth is obviously rebelling against us, Nashville, Tennessee, was besieged by thunderstorms over the weekend, sending the Cumberland River more than a dozen feet above flood level. Huge parts of the city are underwater, 30 people have died so far, and experts are estimating more than $1 billion in damage. Nashville is the country music capital of the world, and the Grand Ole Opry has been seriously flooded—instruments, costumes, memorabilia, and other equipment are damaged and missing. And many country stars who live in the city have been affected by the floods. Kenny Chesney went on “Anderson Cooper 360″ today to tell about the damage to his house, which is fully submerged underwater and will likely be condemned. He had to take a boat to get into the property. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” he said.Others also affected:

  • Keith Urban called in to CNN via Skype. “As much as I haven’t lost what everybody else has, I may have lost all my road equipment, and all my guitars and amps,” he said. “This pales in comparison—people have lost homes and everything.” [Tennessean]
  • Like Keith, Brad Paisley was storing all the equipment for his ironically named H20 tour in a storage facility in the city, and reports that all his stages, props, and guitars are destroyed. [NY Times]
  • Michelle Branch tweeted, “Just realized what was left of my indie album Broken Bracelet is all submerged under water along with my vintage pink sparkle Wurlitzer.” [People]
  • Chuck Wicks wrote, “2 of my bandmates cars are in this parking lot..or river..whichever. U can see the tops of their trucks. Sucks.” [People]

Vince Gill will be hosting a telethon tonight from 7 to 10 p.m., CT, to benefit flood victims. Watch here and donate, please!