How To Crash A Fashion Party

The Met Gala after-party at the Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room earlier this week looked like just about the most awesome event you were never invited to. Thanks to Twitter, you probably sat at home, refreshing constantly to see all the privileged fashion writers posting live Tweets. (Thanks, WWD, for rubbing it in our faces with updates like this: “Katy Perry crawled over to and underneath Kristen Bell’s dress.”)

Well, screw that. You want to be a part of the action?* We asked some industry insiders for advice on crashing fashion parties. Their tips, after the jump. [WWD]

“Obviously looking expensive is the most important. Otherwise, I’d suggest making business cards for your ‘popular fashion blog recently featured in the New York Times.’ Or say you’re a YouTube superstar.” —Editor for fashion newsletter

“Feign an accent and say you work for Vogue Turkey. One time I met a really fashionable guy at New York Fashion Week, and he swore he got into the shows by just looking unique and pretending not to speak English.” —Writer for popular fashion website

“Wear a huge leopard coat, dark glasses (even at night), and walk to the front of the line. Stare at the person with the list, and don’t say a word. The other thing you can do is sidle up next to the people smoking cigarettes outside, and then nonchalantly walk back in with them, as if you’ve been hanging the whole time (but you have to kind of stash your coat and make it seem like you’ve already had a few drinks).” —Web editor for fashion newsletter

“Be a cute girl and say, ‘I’m with Terry,’ or ‘Olivier invited me.’ Or say you’re from some blog-like media outlet that always has freelancers and interns running around. Ha, say you’re from Guest of a Guest.”—Fashion writer for top fashion blog

“Just own it. Walk in like you were outside for a smoke and bypass the clipboard-carrying girls. Either look like you are looking for someone with a distressed look on your face, or ignore them and breeze by. They’ll usually not stop you unless you make eye contact.” —Television producer and former fashion magazine editor

“I think the most important thing is to look beautiful. I think that any fashion party wants stylish, good-looking people there, so if you are pretty and dressed well, people won’t ask questions. Also, the attitude should be a mix of being very polite but still thinking you are important. Act patient and gracious, but also in a way that assumes you demand respect.”—Style blogger

*WARNING: If these tricks don’t work for you — or if they get you into trouble — we take no responsibility. These are mere suggestions from people who have been there, done that.