Debate This: Are “Ugly” People Better In Bed?

Our favorite nut job, Courtney Love, has a theory about why she is a supposed love goddess in bed. She thinks it’s because she’s ugly. Uh, she’s kidding right? I suspect it’s more because she’s crazy, and men dig crazy chicks. In a recent interview, Courtney bragged, “Pretty girls just lie there. Us girls who grew up a little more homely have to try a lot harder. That’s why pretty girls never threaten me—it’s like, yeah, you want to take me on? Go for it.” Gosh. I feel scared for anyone who is a notch on her bedpost. Is this true, Gavin Rossdale? [New York Post]

But honestly, Courtney’s theory made me think there might actually be a needle of truth in her haystack of crazy. I’m not really a “looks” girl, but the pretty boys I’ve snagged have been incredibly boring in the sack. Like a lifetime of beauty gave them a case of the lazies. After the jump, Frisky staffers sound off about sexytime skills. “Ugly” vs. “Pretty.” Who is better? Cast your vote in the comments.

“I think that hot guys have never had to try to get girls, so they don’t pick up bedroom tricks to help themselves out. This one really attractive guy I hooked up with was meh in bed and he was the absolute worst kisser I’ve encountered. He had no skills because his cute face did all the work.”

“I’ve found that guys with giant d**ks tend to do less in the sack, but ugly or pretty never played a role. I think it’s probably because men always think they’re better-looking than they actually are.”

“I think there might be something to this theory. My best sex ever was with a guy I picked up at a wedding around this time last year, and he certainly wasn’t the cutest though did have nice eyes.”

“God no, ugly guys are not better. I fooled around with this ugly guy who was so self-conscious in bed that he kept his body covered under sheets and his hands over his belly when I moved it. Admittedly he was kind of pudgy, but I obviously didn’t care because I liked him! His lack of confidence was totally annoying.”

“I can definitely say that the best-looking guys I have boned definitely were not the best. I recently boned someone who had a lot of cocky confidence—and the wang to match—but the sex was only okay. That said, I agree that guys who lack confidence in their looks also tend not to be very good either. The best people I’ve slept with have all been cute in their own way, but not studly — or homely — by any means.”

“I totally disagree. And I’ve slept with a mess of guys my friends thought were fug. They often either get really excited and get off prematurely or they get in their heads and go soft. But usually, I don’t think they realize that they’re unattractive. It’s not really foisted upon guys like it is with girls. The ‘ugly (or even those that think they’re ugly) work harder in bed’ theory totally only applies to girls, in my opinion.”

“I have a theory that guys who have at least one undesirable characteristic are good in bed (i.e., being a jerk or refusing to wear deodorant). But I think the guys that are best in bed are consistently those who are confident, adorable, and maybe slightly crazy. And for some reason, I’m convinced that glasses and inhalers help make a dude better in bed.”

Where do you stand on this incredibly important issue?