“American Idol” Producers Edit Out 2 Minutes Of Lady Gaga’s Performance

On last night’s episode of “American Idol,” Lady Gaga performed a medley of “Bad Romance” and “Alejandro” which clocked in at a whopping six and a half minutes. However, because producers pre-taped Gaga’s appearance — to ensure there were no moments that might be deemed “offensive”? — they were able to lop off over two minutes’ worth of her performance, because lord knows “AI” doesn’t want too much time taken up by someone who can actually sing. No worries, the full performance is, of course, available on YouTube, which you can watch above. (If you really want to dissect the differences, the edited version is after the jump.) I know there are people who think this bitch is overrated, but I think she’s got a mean set of pipes. And what’s not to love about hot-bodied and partially clothed male interpretive dancers?