5 Ways To Change Your Life Starting Today

Ever been stuck in a rut? Find yourself waking up in the mornings and can’t get motivated to crawl out of bed? Living the life you thought you always wanted, only to find it’s not the life that makes you happy? Getting stuck isn’t the problem. It’s not doing anything about it that is. Here are five ways you can move forward on changing your life radically today. In the comments, share how you are taking steps to making big changes in your life, no matter how big or small. 1. Recognize Your Rut.

How to know if you’re ready for a change? You don’t think it; you feel it. That’s when you know it’s time. When the down days outnumber the up days, the boredom is overwhelming, and you just can’t take it anymore. Oftentimes, change comes not when you’re ready to make a change, but when you can’t stand not making a change for one more day. The first challenge lies in locating exactly what or where the problem is. It may sound New Age-y, but meditation can help you find it. Is it in your head, your heart, your feet? Are you looking for love, ready to make a move, longing for a new job? Visualizing the block will help you navigate your way around it.

2. What You Want To Do Is Not the Same Thing As What You Think You’re Supposed To Do.

Identifying where and why you’re stuck is one thing. Trying to discern where you want to go next is a whole other thing. At times, we find ourselves in conflict over where we’re headed in life. Is this what we really want to do, or what we feel obligated to do? Is this our “path,” or the one that our parents created for us? If we’re doing what we’re “supposed” to do, why don’t we feel like we’re doing what we want to do? It can help to start by making a simple two-column list. On one side, list everything you think you’re supposed to do. On the other side, list everything you wish you could do. In all likelihood, with it written in black and white in front of you, you’ll be able to see that what you want to do is sometimes the exact opposite of what you’re “supposed” to be doing.

3. Make A Plan That You Can Stand To Live.

Hopefully, by now you’re starting to have some kind of a vision of the new life you’d like to create for yourself. Dammit, you’re moving to Los Angeles, and no one, not even your bank account, is going to stop you. You are quitting your cubicle-based position and going back to school to get a degree in psychology so you can help people, not Xerox other people’s stuff. You’re starting that novel, despite all the other demands on you, before it’s too late. Take one action today that gets you closer to where you want to be. Write the first page. Cruise Craigslist for rentals. Scout schools online. The energy will snowball. You will leave inertia behind you.

4. Get Practical Before You Get Crazy.

Tragically, you may not have a handy magic wand at your disposal, and there is this bothersome thing called reality to contend with, so you have to keep your feet on the ground at the same time that your head is in the clouds. Make sure that as you move forward, you’re touching base with what’s actually doable. Can you go back to school and still afford your lifestyle? Take into serious question the realities of how you live your life, rather than pursuing a dream that’s too impossible to achieve. If you can’t forgo organic tomatoes, you may need to hang on to your high-paying job for a while longer, while you work on making a killing with your start-up clothing line on Etsy.

5. Turn Your Idea Into Action.

You’ve figured out what you want, you’ve drawn up a plan to get there, and you’ve struck a balance between making changes and keeping it real. In my experience, the biggest determining factor in finding personal and professional success is the small stuff. Do one thing, no matter how small, every single day. What will kill your dreams is anxiety. What ensures your life won’t change is not taking a risk, no matter how tiny. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Start the chain reaction today.