The Stars Of “SATC” Don’t Hate Each Other, Really

The ladies of “Sex and the City” appear on the June cover of Marie Claire and offer some juicy quotes in the interview. Click through to read what they had to say about infighting and the early days. []Sarah Jessica Parker on group dynamics:
“When you’re on set, you’re working 90-hour weeks, you’re never home, you’re exhausted. There are times when all of us have been sensitive, and sometimes feelings get hurt. But I don’t have any regrets about how I’ve treated people.”

Cynthia Nixon on rumors of hostility among the women:
“It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. But the idea that we’re somehow adversarial is ludicrous.”

Kim Cattrall on their deep friendships:
“Nineteen-hour workdays are stressful, whether you’re driving a truck, working in a coal mine, or on a set and trying to be your brightest at 4 o’clock in the morning. But there’s a camaraderie that happened through all of that.”

Kristin Davis on the early days:
“When we first started, we would all drive out to the Hamptons together at 4 a.m. on a Friday night after shooting ended and see the sunrise as we arrived. I love those memories. We worked so many hours, just work work work work work. We were all so committed to making the show good. There wasn’t room for much else. I had my dog, and that was about it.”