Quickies: P-Word Gets Illinois Teen In Court Trouble & Get Your “Gringo Mask,” Arizonians

  • An Illinois teenage girl was sentenced to 48 hours in jail for wearing a T-shirt into court that read: “I own the p**sy, so I make the rules.” [Dumb As A Blog]
  • The world will have to wait to read Madonna’s inner-most thoughts because a multi-million dollar auction of her journals has been pulled. [TMZ]
  • Win a free coaching session from Love Stylist and author Tristan Coopersmith, who tells women to “sample a buffet of men before settling on the main course.” [Can I Get a Man With That?]

  • Feel safe in Arizona with a “Gringo Mask.” [Animal]
  • A year and some change later, Chris Brown is still ostracized in a hyper-celebrity culture that usually forgets scandals quickly. [Starpulse]
  • Katy Perry knows how to get fabulous on the cheap — borrow clothes and let makeup counter associates do your makeup. [Hollywood Life]