Mac + Mac = True Love

Justin Long taught us that Macs and PCs are just plain incompatible. Subtext: Macs rule; PCs drool. A new site understands this principle and applies it to love. Soon you’ll be able to meet your perfect Macheart match on Cupidtino, an online dating site exclusively for Appleheads. The theory is that Apple fanboys and fangirls have lots in common — similar personalities, creative professions, sense of style, aesthetics, taste, and love of technology. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I got hot when a dude whipped out his Blackberry. An iPhone? Different story. And if I ever were to get serious with a PC, his bulky, boring laptop would not be welcome in my home next to my stylish, chic iBook. It might just be my Macsnobbery, but this site sounds fun. I can almost imagine my profile …

Description: I am an iBook running Snow Leopard; my iPod Nano is electric blue.
Five years from now: I see myself married with iPads.
Turn-offs: texting during dinner, app addiction, disorganized desktop.

Cupidtino launches in June on Safari, iPhone, and iPad. So if you’re not an Applehead, you can’t play. [Gizmodo]