Is There Such A Thing As A Man-Repelling Haircut?

A few weeks ago, I chopped off all my hair. For the most part, I’m loving it, but I’ve also been having a weird/hilarious adjustment period. My latest thing is that I’m convinced my hair is man-repelling. That is to say, I get the sense that guys find the look intimidating, the same way they might not be turned on by high-waisted jeans or harem pants. In all likelihood, it’s probably my deer-in-headlights look that guys tend to mistake for ice queen death stares. Though, I do have to wonder if the change in going-out dynamics isn’t due to my borderline andro haircut.

It’s just that I’m pretty sure all guys are guys, and may find a short-haired girl “cute” but inevitably, by default, they fantasize about women with long hair they can run their fingers through. I asked our resident man-in-charge, John DeVore, for his thoughts on the matter … John: Honestly, I’ve never known men to be repelled by hair. On a primal level, we don’t give a sh*t. If a man IS repulsed by hair, that’s a fair warning sign … but men like long hair, they do. But, the word is “like.” I “like” mustard, but ketchup will do on a burger.

Leo: Yeah, but do they think short hair is sexy? Like, you have two girls standing next to each other: one average-looking but with gorgeous flowy hair, and the other girl is hot with short hair.

John: Oh, well, the long hair is just going to stand out, aesthetically …

Leo: SEE?

John: But guys do think short hair is sexy. Short hair shows off the neck. Necks are sexy.

Leo: OK.

John: You’re a sexy young woman. That hair suits you. Pixie. Hair is not a dealbreaker. And today’s lesson: if hair is, like, really? Do you want to date a man with tons of opinions on hair?