Is Spencer Pratt Smoking Some Crystals Too?

Look, I watch “The Hills.” I’m not ashamed, but I’m not proud either. I’m especially not proud now that the Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt subplot has taken a decidedly new agey and potentially abusive turn. Spencer is definitely a complete attention whore — the only one who could compete with him is his wife — and he’s always given me the skeeves. But on last night’s episode — and the preview for next week — it’s clear that Spencer is either losing his mind and treading into potentially scary and abusive territory or just pretending to for the show. In the clip above, Spencer goes off on how he’s taken to surrounding his house and his body with “crystals,” which are supposed to calm him. They’re not working, FYI, as in the scene before this one, he went apes**t on sister Stephanie for no reason. Maybe he should get a refund? Anyway, in the preview for next week’s episode, Spencer freaks out on Heidi’s sister, Holly, violently slamming the door as he storms out of the room, prompting Holly to start bawling about how he scares her and that he never leaves Heidi alone, keeping her away from family and friends.

This is disturbing no matter how you look at it. If Spencer really does have rage issues, he should deal with them and not with crystals (or appearing on a reality show). If he doesn’t have rage issues and is just pretending to for the cameras because it “makes for a good story,” then shame on him and MTV for portraying abuse and control (physical or emotional) as something with entertainment value.