Can You Believe This Is Juicy Couture?

With a recent infusion of fashion credibility in the form of Erin Fetherston, the designer well-known for her ethereal princess designs and floaty dresses, Juicy Couture is working to make a new name for itself and get way from tired sweatsuits. Erin’s very first creation had a major debut on the red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala. Apparently, after the announcement of her new position as guest designer and creative consultant, Erin fashioned a “Bespoke Juicy Couture” caftan out of the exact same fabric as those well-known velour jumpsuits. Her dress turned out really well given the material and the connotations that go along with it, proving that a good designer can make anything look fashionable. We have to admit, this could be a brand new start for Juicy Couture. [Racked via Styleite]