Woman Sues MTV For $5 Million, Says She Was Too Drunk To Give Consent To Appear On “The Real World”

A woman who appeared on “The Real World: D.C.” as a friend/possible sexual conquest of the housemates has filed a lawsuit against MTV claiming she was too drunk to give consent to be filmed. Golzar Amirmotazedi’s $5 million lawsuit claims she had 8 to 10 alcoholic beverages when she signed a waiver to appear on camera. While drunk, Amirmotazedi went back to the D.C. house, but was kicked out by charming Andrew and even more charming Josh when she wouldn’t have sex with them. Cast members then referred to her on camera as “crazy,” weird,” a “mess,” and a “stalker.” Amirmotazedi’s lawsuit says the humiliation she has suffered from this is MTV’s fault because “outtakes from the ‘Real World’ … show that [she] in fact was not in a position to provide her consent to [MTV] portraying her in a false light or disclosing private facts about her.”

It’s ye olde “How Drunk Is Too Drunk To Give Consent?” problem — but this time on reality TV. I have to say, if she signed the waiver, she signed the waiver, and that’s what a courtroom will care about. And I’m guessing that MTV’s waiver documents are absolutely ironclad, which is why they can get away with exploiting sloppy drunks for fun and profit. But while getting legal consent from the heavily inebriated may be legal, it sure as hell isn’t ethical. Between this and “Jersey Shore,” MTV really is the “Girls Gone Wild” of your cable box these days. [The Hollywood Reporter]