What’s Your First Response To The New TLC Web Series “A Conception Story”?

I may be unpopular for saying this, but I’m really tired of reality TV series about pregnancy and kids. I used to enjoy watching “A Baby Story” on TLC until “Jon & Kate Plus 8” came along and bastardized the baby biz. It seemed like parenthood and pregnancy went from awe-inspiring phenomenon to cultural hot commodity over night. I just can’t endorse anything that portrays children as valuable accessories. I personally think the pregnancy reality market is way more than covered, but TLC and First Response home pregnancy tests think there’s an untapped reality pregnancy niche. They are partnering to present a new web series called “A Conception Story: Six Journeys To Pregnancy” which follows six couples trying to conceive over a period of months. Naturally it will feature the women using the full line of First Response products each month in their quest. Ugh. I think that a couple trying to get pregnant is a beautiful thing, but I don’t want to watch. What’s the point? At least “16 And Pregnant” serves an important purpose — to teach teenage girls that getting knocked up in high school sucks. Also, I’m so not tuning into a glorified year-long commercial targeted to women who conveniently happen to statistically purchase the most pregnancy tests. How about a reality show about adoption? That I would watch. [Salon]

What are your thoughts about “A Conception Story”?