Today’s Lady News: More Details On Yeardley Love’s Death

  • Today we wrote about Yeardley Love, a 22-year-old UVA student who was found dead yesterday morning, and George Huguely, a fellow student with whom she’d been romantically involved and who was charged with first degree murder in her death. According to an affidavit filed with the search warrant, Love had been shaken and her head had been repeatedly hit against the wall. Investigators now say when Love was found by her roommate, she was laying face down in her bedroom with a pool of blood on her pillow. Police also suspect Huguely had kicked down Love’s door. Speaking to reporters this morning, Huguely’s lawyer said that Love’s death was “not intended” and “an accident.” Cuz, you know, sometimes you just accidentally kill your ex-girlfriend. [AP]
  • For some reason, UVA’s school police response after Love’s murder was to send out an email to students about stranger danger. An email from UVA Police Chief Mike Gibson warned students to avoid isolated areas, avoid walking home alone at night, and keep their doors and windows locked. Hey, maybe they’re just still busy writing that safety email about dating violence. Right?! [The Sexist]
  • Sheila Radziewicz, 32, of Peabody, Massachusetts, who was born without arms and kneecaps, will soon be testing for her black belt in tae kwon do. Radziewicz also drives a special car operated only by using her feet. So. What have you accomplished lately? [Washington Post]

  • An Oklahoma judge has delayed an abortion-related law for 45 days to deal with court challenges. The law would require a woman undergoing an abortion to have an ultrasound and listen to a description of the fetus. Governor Brad Henry vetoed the bill, but OK’s legislature recently overturned his veto. [New York Times]
  • A Missouri bill is claiming to promote “heterosexual marriage” by making it more difficult for straight couples to divorce. Unfortunately they achieve this by watering down the definition of domestic violence. The proposed bill would limit divorce in cases of mutual consent or “marital irresponsibility,” which only includes domestic violence in cases of “serious spousal abuse involving injury to petitioner where petitioner was not the initiator of violence” or a “history of serious emotional or physical abuse.” That leaves out a lot of very legitimate circumstances to divorce someone. [Kansas City Star]
  • Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for Genesis, a women’s shelter in Dallas, on Friday. Former First Lady Laura Bush, a founding member of Genesis, will be honorary chair of the event. [Dallas News]
  • A college student in Washington, D.C., has claimed she was shot by a man for withholding her phone number. The woman, whose identity has not been released, claims that, as she was leaving a party early Sunday morning, a man threatened to shoot at her and her cousin if he didn’t get her number. As they left without coughing up the digits, the man allegedly shot her in the ankle. [New York Post]
  • New York’s Court of Appeals ruled in two cases today that in gay couples, the non-biological parents have the same rights as the biological parents. The court left it up to NY’s state legislature, however, to amend state law to give the non-biological parents full custody rights. [New York Times]
  • Patricia Rico, the first woman to be president of USA Track and Field and a longtime proponent of women’s track and field, passed away this weekend at age 76. Rico was founder and editor of Track Mirror, which debuted in 1961 and was the first American publication about women’s track and field. [New York Times]
  • Years ago, Lisa Shannon watched an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” about how women in the Democratic Republic of Congo had been raped and killed by the hundreds in a bloody war. The show compelled Shannon to quit her job, leave her fiancé, and travel to the Congo so she could help these women herself. Shannon’s written about her journey in her new book, A Thousand Sisters. [Time]


  • The world’s oldest person, Kama Chinen of Japan, has passed away at age 114. Chinen was born in 1895 and would have turned 115 next week. [Vanity Fair]
  • A 26-year-old Muslim woman in Novara, Italy, has been fined by police for wearing a face-covering niqab veil in public. The woman was walking to a mosque when she was stopped by police and issued a 500 Euro fine. The city of Novara introduced a law in January that prevents citizens from wearing garments that prevent identification from police. However, this recent fine comes on the heels of controversial attempts by the governments of France and Belgium to ban all Muslim women from wearing face-covering veils in public. [Guardian UK]
  • Women’s rights groups in Canada say the government has cut funding for 11 women’s groups in the past two weeks. It was also recently revealed that Senator Nancy Ruth told a meeting of women’s groups what they should “shut the f**k up” about including abortion in the maternal health guidelines when Canada attends the upcoming G8 summit in June. []
  • Youth Against Youth, a student group which believes abortion is immoral, is suing the Students’ Society at the University of Victoria, alleging censorship and discrimination. YAY claims its funding was pulled and its status as a student group was declined, while the Students’ Society at UVic said YAY’s anti-abortion advocacy amounted to “harassment” on campus. []