Jennifer Aniston And Nicole Kidman Are Our New Favorite Womance

We totally love that Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman have been bonding in Maui while they film the movie “Just Go for It” with Adam Sandler. According to an on-set spy, “You really can’t believe that they are these mega-watt stars, they are just so fun … they are so un-Hollywood, it’s unreal. They are totally bonding together and look like absolute best friends, hanging out between takes, laughing, joking and goofing off together.” The ladies apparently hang out with the cast and crew and had a hula dance-off competition, which Nicole eventually won. When one of the cast members brought in her jewelry designs, “they were holding the necklaces and earrings up to each other and saying ‘this would be good on you’ or ‘this looks amazing with your hair color’, it was so sweet.” It’s so great to hear nice things about celebrities and with all the catty name-calling and husband-stealing in my life Hollywood, I’d almost forgotten that female friendships existed! How messed up is that? But then Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman came along, braiding each other’s hair and goofing around on set to remind us that it’s about time we reclaim female friendship. I love my girlfriends and would totally fight to the death for them, but those feelings are being overshadowed by this flood of “bromance” and the pressure to pick teams when one woman goes after another woman’s husband. It’s like there’s a conspiracy trying to turn us against each other!

The recent onslaught of celebrity mistresses has only exacerbated the situation, and I’m pretty sure the goal in creating “The Hills” was to fuel the illusion that women are opportunistic man-stealers. I’m feeling pretty emotional today, so I’m gonna go ahead and say it: “I love you guys. Let’s try to be good to each other. Life is hard enough without having some ladies on your side!” It might be time to womance your besties with some chocolate fondue and a midnight showing of “Beaches” right about now. [Radar Online]