25 Things Women (Maybe) Don’t Know About Men

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We asked, and the males in our lives answered. Keep reading for 25 “secrets” about the way men think about us, sex, friendships, relationships, and the one thing a man will do for you to prove he’s a keeper.

“Men don’t really care if you’re skinny, just right, or have a few extra pounds. If we’re still having sex with you, it means we’re perfectly content with the way you are.” — William, 32

“We know you hate parts of your body and we know which parts they are. But don’t worry — if we are with you, they are parts about you that we love … partially because we are the only ones who get to know about them.” — Joel, 27

“The absolute greatest way to wake up is with the gentle touch of your hand on our stuff.” — Joel, 27

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