Craigslist Bomb Scare Missed Connection And Other C-List Winners

Craigslist is a great reminder that there are millions of mostly crazy people out there. Yesterday, a guy posted a missed connections ad for a dude he met during the Times Square bomb scare. Something about the whole “met you during this disaster” thing feels like a Nicholas Sparks script waiting to happen.

Thankfully, there is plenty of other (often awkward) hilarity going down on Craigslist. Our favorite recent posts after the jump. [BuzzFeed]

While women have plenty of physical attributes in need of upkeep, men are generally left with just hair and facial hair. So it’s maybe only natural that a young man seek the help of his elders for handlebar mustache advice. Now if only the submitted beard/mustache resumes could be compiled into an art book … that would be amazing. I also appreciate the “srs bsns” because with the time necessary to decipher what that means, you may as well have written “serious business.” [Craigslist]

Jobs are scarce these days, so I really admire this graphic artist’s chutzpah to put out an ad for a boss. I wish that’s really how job searching went, so instead of losing money and dignity, people are forced to value your work. I also wish that walls were made of pizza pockets and sinks ran chocolate milk. [Craigslist]

The housing market might be cheaper than ever, but so are the landlords. Can people really survive with a mini fridge, microwave, and shared hallway bathroom? You might as well live in a hostel! Or, apparently, an igloo! For just $200 a month, you can rent a 70-square foot igloo in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Of course, heat, plumbing, and electricity aren’t included and you have to melt your own water, but it doesn’t sound that far off from some of the other housing posts. [Craigslist]

Presumably, someone in Philadelphia asked for some chairs and benches, so someone else scattered “possibly 1,000’s” of them over the streets and parking spaces. In the snow. All over town. But the best part of this ad is obviously the photograph of the chair party going down in the streets of Philly. [Craigslist]

This has got to be the most interesting bicycle ad that I’ve ever read—it’s a complete story rife with intrigue. You learn that the protagonist is selling the bike in order to date African American women as opposed to the “flat-assed waspy moms who went to Vassar” that his Dutch delivery bike usually delivers. And for a mere $300, you can pick up where he left off! [Craigslist]