5 Lies We Tell Ourselves While Shopping

When we’re out shopping and a shirt catches our eye, we’ll tell ourselves anything to justify buying it, even when we already have at least 25 other perfectly good tops hanging in our closet. We’ll find a way to convince ourselves to make a purchase seem practical if we want it badly enough. What lies do you tell yourself when you want to buy something that you don’t really need?

  1. The Lie: I’ll wear this so often that if I divide the total price by the number of times I wear it, it will basically cost me nothing.
    The Truth: It still costs a butt load of money.
  2. The Lie: I’ll have this forever.
    The Truth: You can hold onto something for a lifetime, but after a few years of wearing it, the fabric will be worn and BO will have found a permanent home in the pits. Either that, or the dry-cleaner will lose it.
  3. The Lie: I’ll never find anything else like it.
    The Truth: Unless it’s vintage or couture, you can probably get something similar at a retailer up the block.
  4. The Lie: I’ll fit into it eventually.
    The Truth: If you can’t close the zipper now, you’ll probably never be able to. Sorry.
  5. The Lie:I can afford it.
    The Truth: You can afford it if you put it on your credit card.