DIY: Update Your Home With A Bright, Striped Wall

Usually, looking through my Facebook updates feed is cause for extreme boredom. On the rare occasion that it provides something I’m actually interested, I regain faith in mankind and blog about the glorious occurrence. This is one of those times. Amidst a sea of updates about peoples’ puppies and boyfriends and stuff was a pretty nifty project from Jeff Simmermon, Facebook friend and man who brought us all those Types of Bitches. Jeff used scissors, tape and a few hours to make a striped accent wall in his living room and we’re a little bit in love with it. Project details after the jump. [Flickr] This project is pretty straightforward: Grab rolls of painters tape in different colors from your local hardware or paint store. How much you need will obviously depend on the size of the wall. Jeff spent about $100 on tape and said he had a lot left over, so use that as a sort of guide. Now have at it with a ladder, scissors and your bare, able hands. Run the alternating colors of tape from floor to ceiling until you’re done. BAM.