National Enquirer Alleges An Obama Sex Scandal

The National Enquirer is saying that President Barack Obama was allegedly caught cheating on his wife Michelle in 2004 with a campaign aide, Vera Baker. The gossip rag says Obama became close to Baker while working on his 2004 campaign for the Illinois Senate and the pair were caught in a Washington, D.C. hotel. The Enquirer claims “anti-Obama operatives” are offering $1 million to anyone with details about the affair and a limo driver who allegedly dropped Baker off at a hotel to meet Obama for a “secret rendezvous” is willing to talk. (FYI, the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper alleged Obama had an affair with Baker back in 2008.)

Uh huh. Right. Total bulls**t. The Enquirer was right about sleazy John Edwards, but I sincerely believe the Obamas have a strong marriage. People will say anything if they’re offered a million bucks. It was only a matter of time before some gossip rag printed lies like this. [National Enquirer, Gawker]