How To Clutter Your Digs And Stay Classy, Too

Stylist Masha Orlov is, for lack of a better word, cool. She tells the fashion folk at magazines like Purple and L’Officiel what’s up and her wardrobe makes us crazy with jealousy. Recently, she invited Refinery29 into her house/closet and gave the web a look at how to be eclectic without looking sloppy. If you’re the collecting sort with a tendency towards messiness, Orlov’s place is a good example of restrained kitsch. How to pull it off after the jump. [Refinery29]

  • Don’t get all of your furniture from the same place. Even if you can’t afford really nice stuff, you can afford to snatch up a matching set at Ikea. Check out second-hand stores and Craigslist for things like end/coffee tables, chairs and interesting lamps. If you’re nervous about cleanliness, try to stick with things that aren’t upholstered.
  • Things need not match, but they also shouldn’t totally clash. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen, be really aware of the colors you’ve already got happening in your house before buying new pieces.
  • An interesting rug does a lot for a room.
  • If you’re a collector by nature, take a real look at your “collections” and realize when you’re gathering junk versus accumulating things that are actually worthwhile. Your international ketchup collection, for example, should probably be tossed.
  • Now, having edited down your many collections, display them more artfully. For example, I collect vintage brooches. They used to just be piled on my dresser making a mess of themselves. To reduce the clutter, I bought a pretty tray at a vintage shop, laid out the nicest ones and stored the rest in a jewelry box.
  • Consider a photo/painting wall. Look closely at Orlov’s apartment above and you’ll see that the wall behind her is overrun with different framed pictures. It’s a little overwhelming, but definitely falls on the manageable side of that line.
  • Bookshelves are a glorious invention. Books are a great way to bring small shots of color to a room and shelves mean you don’t have to store them in piles on your floor anymore. You can also use the extra space between the book spines and the end of the shelves to display nick-nacks.
  • Change out your lame cabinet knobs for cool ones (like these) for an instant homey feeling.