Oh, Canada: Vancouver School Asks Lesbian Teacher To Stop Coming In

A lesbian teacher at a Catholic high school in Vancouver was told not to come to work because the school claims parents were concerned about her influence on students, a gay rights group in Canada has alleged. Lisa Reimer, a music teacher, told Little Flower Academy she was gay in December 2009 when she asked for parental leave because her partner was pregnant. Somehow, parents of students at the school were then told that Reimer is a lesbian; soon after, the school asked Reimer to fulfill the rest of her year-long contract from home and have no contact with students.

According to the Pride Education Network, the school principal told Reimer parents were worried about how she might influence the students. What’s more is that The Vancouver Sun reports that as a non-Catholic, Reimer signed a “Catholicity” clause in which she promised to be respectful of the “beliefs and practices” of the school (bigoted though they may be).

Sucks that Little Flower Academy is a private school, so they’re able to get away with this. One hopes the rest of the school’s teachers and students will now question what their “beliefs and practices” really are. [Vancouver Sun, CBC]