This Indiana Grandmother Is Having A Baby — With Her Grandson

Look, I’m a romantic. I believe in true love as much as the next gal. But I draw the line at incest, save the sexy kind written up in my fave V.C. Andrews’ beach reads. Which is why my brain just about exploded when I read this headline: “I’m in love with my grandson and we’re having a baby.” Oh no they are not. But they are, if this story is to be believed! According to Australia’s New Idea magazine, 72-year-old Pearl Carter had a daughter, Lynette, who she gave for adoption when she was 18. Years later, Lynette had a son, Phil Bailey, now 25. After Lynette died of brain cancer, Phil decided to track down his grandmother and, um, love blossomed.

“When he emailed me a photo,” Pearl says. “I thought what a handsome and sexy man he was before pinching myself – he was my grandson!”

The pair spent the first week shopping, bowling and eating out. During the second week, giggly on wine after a night out, Pearl decided she wasn’t going to deny her feelings anymore.

“I called Phil into my bedroom, sat him on the bed, and then I leant over and kissed him,” Pearl says. “I expected rejection but instead he kissed me back.” … That night, grandmother and grandson became lovers.

Unfortunately, this sordid story doesn’t just stop there. Carter and Bailey are bringing a child into their, um, unorthodox family. Luckily — ?!?! — that doesn’t mean Carter is knocked up.

The determined pair then decided to use Pearl’s retirement money to find a surrogate mother and buy a donor egg to inseminate with Phil’s sperm. They placed an ad asking for an open-minded surrogate, and Roxanne Campbell applied. The three met up a few times and hit it off.

“Initially I was shocked,” says Roxanne on learning the couple were related. “But they’re a brilliant pair and I saw how much they loved each other. I know the baby will be loved too.”

Sigh. Look, all that may be true, or whatever, and I don’t want to judge, but I am going to. Gross. Weird. Blech. Especially this bit, courtesy of Carter: “Living with Phil as my life partner has been amazing. He cooks and cleans and we make love three times a week. We can’t keep our hands off each other.”

This whole thing is so gross and weird, it could be an elaborate hoax, for what reason or benefit I cannot comprehend, but I just had to share it. Happy Friday! [New Idea]